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DTP Interview Questions and Answers (Dynamic Trunking Protocol)

Explain Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP)?
Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP) is a Cisco proprietary trunking protocol used for negotiating trunking on a link between two Cisco Switches. Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP) can also be used for negotiating the encapsulation type of either 802.1q or Cisco ISL (Inter-Switch Link).

Explain dynamic desirable & dynamic auto?
Dynamic Desirable - It initiates negotiation. Switch port configured as DTP dynamic desirable mode will actively try to convert the link to a trunk link if the port connected to other port is capable to form a trunk.
Dynamic Auto - It does not initiate negotiation but can respond to negotiation. Switch port configured as DTP dynamic auto is capable to form trunk link if the other side switch interface is configured to form a trunk interface and can negotiate with trunk using DTP.


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